January 19th - January 29th, 2016

Ninth and Tenth graders at Design Tech High School had nine days to create profitable businesses.

See what they made

650 Records

Instrumental beats sold: 15

Profit: $112

Instagram followers: 630

650 Records produced and sold beats, ringtones, alarms and background music to the d.tech community and beyond. They started with the skills they had (electronic music production) then worked with their customers to disover what would sell.

Following the success of intersession they are focusing only on music production. You can buy their products or follow them on Instagram.

Shadow Link

Emails sent: 41

Corporate partnerships formed: 6

Students scheduled to shadow: 5

Shadow Link provides d.tech students with opportunities to shadow employees at Bay Area companies. A single three hour shadow visit costs $40 and provides an opportunity to network with and be inspired by professionals at work.

Following intersession Shadow Link is expanding their corporate partnerships to meet the interests of more d.tech students. After piloting the program with d.tech this year they hope to expand to other high schools.

Roti Rollers

Roti sold: 513

Profit: $634

Avg wage per team member: $22/hr

The Roti Rollers benefited from an early product conviction. By the third day of class they were already handing out free samples of their Thai Pancakes, and testing their process. After some early production issues, they ironed out the kinks and had four days of uninterrupted selling.

They do not plan on continuing the business in the the near term, but will resume operations on a larger scale as a senior project in two years.

Meme Team

Product Pivots: 3

T-Shirts sold in one day: 10

Profit: $30

Meme team finally settled on selling shirts branded with popular memes after being forced to pivot multiple times. However, they bounced back from their early issues and were able to sell half the t-shirts their $50 budget would allow - in one day.

Daul Peen

Smoothies sold: 26

Cookies sold: 53

Hot Chocolates sold: 71

This team started as the business Covert Keys, selling acrylic keyboard cases, then pivoted to become Fountain of Youth, selling smoothies, before finally settling on Daula Peen's Hot Chocolate and Cookies. Their early pivots cost them both time and money - they spent most of their budget on wasted smoothie supplies. However, they did eventually establish a lucrative business model and managed to get themselves out of the red.


Cable clips manufactured: 23

3D printers used: 4

3D printers broken (and repaired): 3

Cabler had an early disadvantage - both teammates joined the class a day late. However, they made up for lost time by immediately beginning production of their 3D printed cable clips. Despite this, due to issues with the 3D printers, the team was not able to complete production until the last day of class, leaving no time to sell. However, both teammates plan on trying again in next intersession's Two Week Business, this time as seasoned veterans.